What I have realised after Practising Buddhism

By Ru Lan 

I found Jen Chen Buddhism ten years ago. Following the Teachings of Jen Chen Buddhism wholeheartedly without any query, I gradually eradicated my bad habits.

Though I did not have the chance to meet Venerable Master Shen Kai in person, I was still able to be with Him when reading his books and listening to his talks on the Buddha’s Teachings on discs. Venerable Master Shen Kai prepared and wrote the daily morning and evening practice routines for His disciples and every method is also a path for cultivation. I really regret not cultivating conscientiously enough, for not putting enough effort and not achieving good enough results. For instance, recalling one of his Teachings ‘One would rather die than to reveal other’s misdeeds’, I wonder whether there was a time when I had never complained or gossiped about someone else’s mistake or wrongdoing, and I realised my answer was “No!” Now I strive to say good things at all times, to only talk about work or school and not about people, to refrain from gossiping about people, and to focus on carrying out my duties well.

One particular Teaching of ‘Do not be too attached to one’s ego and outlook or appearance’ has the most effect on me. I used to spend lots of time on my personal appearance in the past. Ever since I understood that our bodies are simply empty shells, I no longer regard looks as much as I did before. I stopped spending money on facials, styling my hair and buying expensive clothes and cosmetics. I know all these are just an illusion and unnecessary as long as we dress neatly and appropriately. What’s most important is to make good use of our body given to us by our parents to do many things that benefit others, to follow the Buddha’s Teachings in our daily lives and never do evil things. We need to purify our minds and increase our blessings and wisdom so as not to waste the opportunity as a human in this lifetime.

I would self-reflect on my actions everyday. I pledge to follow the Buddhadharma to cultivate in every way so as not do injustice to our gracious Master.