I have finally stopped buying lottery

By 亚花

Time flies, in a blink of an eye, I have taken refuge in Jen Chen Buddhism for seven years.

Speaking of which, it is truly a shame as I had only completely kicked away the bad habit of buying lottery within this year. I saved up the sum of money which I would have spent buying lottery and Toto, dividing a portion to contribute towards the Buddhist Centre and helping those in need. Although these amounts are small, yet after giving I felt joyous and this happiness exceeds that of winning lottery or Toto.

One day, I had a chat with my mother and she revealed that she had stopped buying lottery for a period of time. The reason was that she kept buying until she gave up as she had lost a lot of money.

My mother is over sixty years old this year and in her lifetime she won the top prize in lottery a few times. The highest record sum she won was twenty thousand dollars, the least amount would be a few thousand dollars but her capital to buy lottery was also not a small sum. Nowadays, she often complains that she has no money as the loss outweighs the gain.

My husband also tells me not to buy lottery anymore, he has saved quite a sum and his pockets have become more abundant.

I am very happy that my husband and I are able to change our habit: From buying of lottery and Toto to performing many virtuous deeds. Our lives and family has since become more blissful.