Grateful to be Human

By Lingzhi               

In the later part of my teenage school days, I joined the Community Service Club as a Co-curricular Activity. Through this, I got to know an elderly man who is rather severely handicapped – he is wheelchair bound, has difficulty using his hands to hold objects, and needs help to carry out most of his daily activities. 

The main tasks of the weekly visits which I made to the home were feeding or bringing him out to the nearest town centre where he could run his errands. He was only able to do that when volunteers visited the centre and brought him out. When I joined the workforce after graduating from school, I had work commitments and due to time constraint, I did not continue to volunteer at the home. Recently, he contacted me, asking for assistance in bringing him out to run some errands. I agreed to and met up with him. 

It has been more than 10 years since I last brought him out. In the course of running his errands, he kept thanking me and said that “he owed me a lot”. I felt very sad and ashamed, because this was the least I could do for someone who was already in his 70s and really in need of help. This recent experience, has made me realised how blessed and grateful I am to be born as a physical and mentally healthy human being. In fact it is so difficult to be born in the human realm, let alone to be someone both physically and mentally healthy.

Many of us often take things for granted. But we will never know what lies ahead of us tomorrow. Let us all seize the day – to live each and every day a worthwhile and fulfilling one. If we can constantly live in gratitude, this will translate into actions which will benefit not only ourselves, but also all sentient beings. ☺ 

Here’s something my Buddhist teacher has taught me:  Appreciate and be grateful for all that we have for when we treasure our blessings and manage them wisely, we will not waste unnecessarily and know how to create even more good decisions and conditions. And that is how, our blessings will naturally, increase. (珍惜所拥有的,会惜福,不会了福,福报会越来越好)