Experience vs Aware

By Charles Teo

“Good judgement is the result of experience and experience the result of bad judgement.” – Mark Twain

We often rely on our experience to make our decisions, this is especially true of bad judgment where the results taught us painful lessons.

However, have we ever sat down and thought through it carefully? Is this always true? Are two situations ever always the same? Will we, as humans with our minds filled with millions of notion, always make logical and consistent decisions? Can we really trust our experience? If we cannot rely fully on our experience which is a product of our minds and perception of reality, what then, should we really rely on?

Our mind is created from the notions that fill it, figments of our memories and imagination, things which we take to be our experiences and therefore to be our “reality”. This may not be the right view, for change is, the very definition of this universe we exist in. 

Rather than let illusions of  “experiences” and “memories” cloud our perception of reality, we should instead abandon these illusions of our mind, live fully aware and enjoy every moment of the here & now.

Let awareness be our guide to bliss.