Benefits from Understanding the Buddhadharma

By 菊英

Before practising Buddhism, I was often very moody, viewing every issue too seriously, not being able let go of things, and had too much worries and concerns. Even after taking refuge, I continued to live life muddle-headedly.  For the sake of living necessities, I started to work. At my workplace, I saw various gossiping, trouble-making and the vicissitudes of human life. Only then did I begin to experience the benefits of Buddhadharma, as only when we apply the Buddhadharma in our daily lives that it can help us leave our sufferings and attain happiness, allowing us to remain unaffected by external conditions and environment.

Nowadays, when faced with adverse situations, my mind is more calm and stable. I am no longer as fearful and terrified as before, and I can act rationally in handling matters. Venerable Master taught us that in practising Buddhism we have to unfold our wisdom and seek liberation; for only then we can truly benefit our lives. If we can liberate ourselves from afflictions in the midst of our living, we have taken a step forward in the path of liberation.